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Category Archives: Kendall Moore

Kendall Moore-The Impetuousness of the “so called” Educated

Individuals would rather email about “malapropism” than focus on what’s at hand. Be the English linguistics or idle chatterers, the future remains stoic. However, as warned and projected the fate and destiny of the multitudes lay at the hands of … Continue reading

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Kendall Moore-Armageddon Eve 2011

As we approach one of the most pinnacle moments in Chicago’s abundant history on the cusp of the first true Mayoral race in 22 years, I can’t help but to ponder if the city will truly move forward or will … Continue reading

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Kendall Moore-Rahm’s Remarks on Reparations

Last night all six Chicago Mayoral candidates participated in a forum sponsored by the Chicago Defender. The question of reparations for African-Americans came up and Rahm Emmanuel blatantly and most poignantly did not answer the question. Rather he elusively and … Continue reading

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Kendall Moore-What’s the problem with Blacks and HIV/AIDS?

February 7, 2011 marks the 11th year of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness day. This initiative is targeted directly at the mobilization of black communities, to increase awareness through education, testing and treatment.  Since the AIDS epidemic began in 1981, Blacks have … Continue reading

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Welcome to Kendall Moore’s Blog!

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