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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Who is advising mayoral candidates?: “You’re fired!”

What a difference a column or a news article can make.  There was  faux pas number one and number two made by the two formidable black mayoral candidates.  One mistep came from U.S. Rep. Danny K. Davis (D., 7th) and the … Continue reading

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Davis or Braun could give the city a great holiday gift

Kudos to Sen. Rev James Meeks.  He was magnanimous to drop out of the mayoral race in a true and genuine effort to unify the black community behind a consensus candidate.  It clearly was not about ego.  And it could have … Continue reading

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Why are black mayoral candidates being marginalized?

Melody Spann-Cooper, president and general manager of Midwest Broadcasting Company, made a profound observation while co-hosting with WVON 1690 AM  Matt McGill morning host Thursday.   In regard to the contentious mayoral race, Spann-Cooper noted that the three leading candidates cannot shake … Continue reading

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The Launching Pad: 2010 Dec 22

Hey WVON Family – and no, I haven’t forgotten about ‘cha. My schedule has been a little…um…”different.” Now, I’m having fun and I love hearing fom you, but you have to admit: how often to you hear from the early … Continue reading

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Perri Small: Rahm’s detractors a little “creepy”

If  former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is on the hot seat about his about his Chicago residency, the Black community is on a slow burn.  After nearly 12 hours of questioning from his challengers hoping to purge … Continue reading

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Perri Small: Guilty verdict for Fenger student fair and just

 ”O Lord, Lord, Lord, no, no,”  cried the aunt of the juvenile found guilty of initating the first blow to Derion Albert during a mob beating of the 16-year-old Fenger honor roll student. Unfortunately, I don’t share his the aunt’s … Continue reading

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The Launching Pad: 9 Dec 2010

Hey WVON Family - how are you doing today? I hope that you’re having a great day so far today. First, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my appearances on CLTV this Thursday and Friday (Dec 9 and Dec 10) … Continue reading

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Santita Jackson-12/7/10

      Hello My Loves…Happy, Blessed New Year!!!   I hope and pray that you and yours had wonderful Christmas seasons and are off to brilliant New Years…   Just a few thoughts…   Yesterday, during a commercial break, … Continue reading

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The Launching Pad: 3 December 2010

Hey child of God – how the heck are you doing today? As you know, I’m always thinking about you and how we can vibe in order to make a better way of life for all Americans – Black, White, … Continue reading

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The Violence: Enough is Enough

A family of three females; a mom, a teen and a schoolaged sibling, were brutally murdered  allegedly by the teen’s estranged and troubled boyfriend.  I wonder if this heinous crime would have happened if there would have been a man … Continue reading

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