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Sharon McGhee

Sharon McGhee was a member of the WVON family from 1998-2010.

Memorial services will be held on Saturday, September 22, 2012 at Noon.

William C. Harris Funeral Home
9825 Halls Ferry Road
St. Louis MO  63136

Feel free to post your prayers, comments and condolences below.

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Evan F. Moore is a freelance journalist who also is a blogger for Chicago Now, WVON, and The Extra Blog: The blog website for Extra, Chicago’s leading bilingual newspaper. He also blogs at Fanning the Flames since 1978.
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30 Responses to Sharon McGhee

  1. Gregory Sain says:

    May Allah God uplift the spirits and provide His Divine understanding on the sad death of our Beloved Sister Sharon McGee. Our St. Louis connection from my Great late Father Oliver Sain .You will always live in my heart.

  2. Arlene Jones says:

    R.I.P. Sharon. You will be missed.

  3. Gladys Turkett (Africa International House) says:

    To the WVON family, I want to extend my sincere sympathy. Sharon will be missed by all of us. She was a beautiful Angel and I loved her very much. I purchased her book at the festival and she autographed it for me with a lasting smile. You all are in my prayers.
    In my Liberian dialet I say to you Na ma yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Gilda Hooks says:

    My prayers go out to the family on the passing of Sharon McGhee. She fought the good fight against cancer.

    As a long-time listener to WVON, I came to appreciate her professional and delightful way of delivery the news, current events, and later on, health/medical information. After her initial cancer treatment began, I truly missed her. You see, when you wake up hearing folk early in the morning and throughout the day, they become like family. Hearing Sharon give the news was refreshing, she had such a wonderful and colorful manner. She not only reported the news, but she started an early morning talk show at 5 am, had sidebar discussions with Cliff Kelley, and also created colorful personalities for commercials. She rearly missed or mispronounced anything. She was a true professional in her work and in representing WVON. I supported both of her efforts on the “Pocket Book Monologues”, which proved to be a source of information, as well as, humor and edutainment.

    She will be missed. But I hope that WVON will do something in remembrance of this beautiful sister for her Chicago family.

    May God be pleased with her service, and grant her rest in peace.

  5. robert sabree says:

    My Ms Africa, may God grant you peace and happiness forever and ever. Our visit to the mother land will forever be charished for i will never have an experiance like it again in my lifetime it was absolutely wonderful. It seems like the good ones leave this world too early.

  6. Steve Holmes says:

    Although I never met her the WVON family has a way of making you feel like family right over the airwaves, and she did the same. I will miss her and her fantastic voice.

  7. Emile says:

    I can still hear your beautiful voice, Sharon. R.I.P.

  8. Angela Powell says:

    To the family of the wonderful Sharon McGhee. Remember that God always has Angels that carefully, lovingly, and concerning watch over us. Yours is Sharon. The battle is over and she fought a strong one most graciously. As she entered into the arms of God, he smiled and simply said, “Well done, my good and faithful solider.” God bless you all. Angela

  9. Sharon McGhee was my wonderful Gemini Sister. That’s how we always greeted one another – hey Gemini Sister. She could find the humor in everything, and did. She epitomized the concept of taking lemons and making lemonade as attested to in the Cancer Monologues. A beautiful woman inside and out, I’ll always remember her showing up at my office on the first day of Spring in a fur coat and sandals. Why the sandals in sub degree temps? Because it was the first day of Spring. She will be truly missed. I loved that girl, my Gemini sister!

  10. Stacey Willis says:

    Hi WVON Family,

    My condolences and we have lost a pure angel and gem. Sharon called me on the phone about tickets when The Monologues were taking off. “What’s going on?” I can still hear her voice and how she fought to the end. I hope the play continues. Melody continue to carry the torch. Love You All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Willis and Edwards Family

  11. Rose says:

    comment on fighting a good fight was written by Rose

  12. Rose says:

    To the Dutchess:

    You fought a good fight Dutchess. You spreaded your message and it was well received. Now that you have gone home, may you rest in peace. You will be missed.

  13. Dr Dorothy J. Thomas says:

    My condolences are extended to the family and friends of the late Sharon McGhee. Her smile and laughter will always be remembered by me as one her most powerful signatures. Her passion and concern for the health of women is humbling, to say the least. Her Pocketbook Monologue was an ingenious effort to look deep inside the humanity and essence of a woman. We have loss another shining star. Rest in peace my sista. I hope you danced!!!

  14. Katie Lindsey says:

    The Duchess was so full of life , like no other.I truly miss her.And I give my love and sympathy to her family.

  15. Netti Taylor says:

    May you rest in peace, Sharon. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you on WVON!!! My prayers are with your family!!

  16. Azell G. Mance says:

    I was very sad to hear that Sharon McGhee made her transition. I last saw her at Malcolm X College about a year ago, she looked absolutely beautiful. I have been listening to WVON since the early 60s. My thoughts and prayers go out to the McGhee family. She was one of my favorite personalities on WVON 1690. Rest in peace my sister. Greg

  17. Will Lawrence says:

    Wow! This was a dynamic young sister,and I am oh so sorry,and surprised to hear of her passing! RIP Sharon!

    Will Lawrence

  18. It was wonderful knowing and working with Sharon McGhee over the years. In my early years at WVON I always looked forward to our sister chats in the newsroom where we talked, laughed, and shared our dreams. I hope she knew how much we loved her.
    Latrice Levitt

  19. Sabrina Patch says:

    I was so proud of Sharon and her Pocketbook Monologues. I purchased tickets three times just to support her and was finally able to actually see the show at DuSable Museum when the actresses were the News Women personalities- Absolutely loved it!! Sharon stepped out there in her black sexy dress and her stillettos and looked extraterrestrially amazing!! Sharon used to say that wearing black doesn’t make you look thin- if you are fat and put on a black dress, you look like a fat person with a black dress on. Tell me like it is, Sharon!!

    She used to use Stevie Wonder’s song, “A Pretty Girl With Ebony Eyes” for her theme song and I put it on my MP3 player because I had never heard that song before and adopted it as my own personal theme song. We don’t have enough songs that celebrate the unmeasured beauty of the Black Woman. I cried when I heard my girl left us and I am still crying. I loved her spirit and her courage to step out, leave her beloved job and try to make her “Baby Fly” as she used to say. I will miss her. Rest in peace my beautiful, courageous, intelligent Sister!!!! Sabrina Patch


    09.13.2012….3.46 PM.. i remember her show, called the 1st light everyday at 5-am, R.I.P., from Benjiman and Marisol Williams, of River Forest Illinois.


  22. Marc Loveless says:

    Sharon has been missed since she left WVON. She was a professional journalist with sincerity, compassion and dedication.

    My family will be sending prayers and encouragement to her family. They have much to be proud of about Sharon McGhee

  23. Dr. Debra Franklin says:

    Sharon was a beautiful, exceptional, phenonmenal journalist and writer. She will be sorely missed. Rest in peace.

  24. William Johnson says:

    Sharon was not only a beauty she was intelligent, resilient, loyal, and down to earth. She will be missed.

  25. Doris says:

    I mourn your passing, you will be missed but not forgotten. Rest in peace.

  26. Shawn Hawk says:

    Sharon was a wonderful person, vivacious, very sharp and quick-witted with a tongue that could cut like a knife tempered with compassion that might actually keep you from realizing that you had been cut! She was so greatly talented that she seemed to excel in any field she entered and rose to the top. I loved talking with her and appreciated her delivery of the news, sometimes with spicy commentary.

    It was a joy to begin the day with her at 5:00 am and I remember being her first caller on several of her birthdays; she laughed at my birthday song to her which she did let me get out on a couple of occassions. I was honored to join Sharon and Monique Carradine for their enjoyable and insightful “Between the Sheets” book review segment.

    Sharon began sharing her gifts with the broader world with the launch of her “Pocketbook Monologues” (which I was able to experience) and I cheered her on in her endeavors even though I was sad to lose her great voice on a daily basis on WVON. I am sorry that she will not be here to bring her gifts and the important messages of the “Pocketbook Monologues” to many more people; both young (and old for that matter) women and men need to absorb the lessons gleaned from this experience.

    Sharon, we will miss your physical presence here withus but we know that your spirit lives on and your work will continue through the legacy of your work. I love you and appreciate you and my wife Caryn and I loved getting to share you as you split your time between St. Louis and Chicago. We send our condolences to your family and know that you will be reunited with your mother. May God bless and keep those you left behind and give you peace and rest.

  27. John says:

    …would just like to give my deepest simpathy to the McGhee Family.

    Ms. Sharon McGhee was one of my favorite WVON News Personalities.

    My God bless all who share her lost.

  28. Robbie Smith says:

    I am in tears hearing the news about Sharon. Even though I’ve wondered from time to time about her health, I thought maybe her dream of making it big in Hollywood with the Pocketbook Monologues was being realized.
    I hope WVON will have a memorial service for here in Chicago. She was a beautiful spirit and I know she is resting in God’s loving care and keeping.

  29. Lesa of VA says:

    Hello WVON Family,

    I am sad to hear that Sharon McGee is gone. She was one of the first people I heard on your station. May God grant her her wings. You have my sympathy WVON , Family and Friends.

    Lesa of VA

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