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ONLY IN AMERICA (by Bill Griggs)

Could a controversy arise over the hair of a sixteen year old who, not only became the first African American to achieve a feat, but in the process, became the very best IN THE ENTIRE WORLD at what she does.  Obviously I’m talking about the brilliant gymnast, Gabby Douglass.  The bad news is that the oldjealousy that comes from self hatred has, as always, reared its ugly head at a time that should have been reserved for joy and pride.  The good news is that the absurdity of the incident is so spectacularly profound, that we are forced to acknowledge the single greatest issue confronting Black America as the hallmark of the legacy of slavery: Black self hatred.
Racism/ White supremacy was developed to justify slavery- not just for the slave owners, but for the slaves themselves.  The slaves knew that their lives were a living hell for one reason and one reason only: their blackness.  Then as now, they prayed to a God who could have passed for Egyptian, yet was represented as blond and blue eyed.  Then as now, all things black were defined as evil (including the President of the United States) while whiteness was/ is equated with purity. We were told our dark skin was ugly, as tanning salons blossomed; our thick lips hideous, as Botox became the rage.    The racism even extended to food: chocolate devil food cake and white angel food cake.  The methods by which African Americans were/are taught self hatred could fill a thousand blogs.
Back in the sixties we talked about combating the self hatred by understanding our own glorious history, so that we might understand that our current condition is not the result of the natural order of things; to know that we have been great and can be so again.  Yet things have deteriorated so precipitously that I now recommend that we reconsider our very recent history: the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.  Old folks like me need to tell our youngsters how we referred to our women as Queens, instead of the degrading names rappers and others use today.  We could talk about how afros and dashikis were political symbols of racial pride.  We could talk about a lot of stuff I can’t go into here.  But that’s why we start dialogues.
Could a gazillonaire who  advocates keeping an unpaid for tax cut for his economic class while cutting fundamental services to working class people and who could not visit America’s greatest ally  (England) without stirring up trouble, be almost in a dead heat for the presidency of the United States while receiving votes from the working class.
Could Sarah Palin have been a candidate for the vice presidency of the United States, and still maintain a considerable following.
Could drug addiction be regarded as a criminal, rather than medical issue.
Could George W. Bush have been elected president.  TWICE
Could large portions of the population believe Bush when he said that people like the Iranians, “hate us for our freedom.”  Did any of them know that the United States nullified Iranian elections in 1953 because the U.S. didn’t like the outcome and instead installed a petty dictator, the Shah?  Do any Americans know that there is a direct correlation between American actions and how other countries feel about America?
Could a government official (Mitch McConnell)  openly wish for the failure of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, without having his (McConnell’s) patriotism called into question.  (The president cannot fail unless the country fails)!!!!
Hopefully, I’ve stimulated you to think of your own “only in America” scenarios.  If so, please log them in the comment section.

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Evan F. Moore is a freelance journalist who also is a blogger for Chicago Now, WVON, and The Extra Blog: The blog website for Extra, Chicago’s leading bilingual newspaper. He also blogs at Fanning the Flames since 1978.
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One Response to ONLY IN AMERICA (by Bill Griggs)

  1. Evan Moore says:

    I do most of the blogging for the site. I noticed several errors in your post : Misspellings,spacing(which makes it difficult to read),grammatical errors, punctuation and it doesn’t flow. I can look at it for you before you post next time.

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