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Maxwell Billieon

Maxwell Billieon


Maxwell Speaks with

Maxwell Billieon


Tuesday, 11am and Friday at 10am on The Perri Small Show

Maxwell’s achievements are extremely diverse; his credentials extend across a wide array of professional and personal arenas that include:


Politics: Orator for the U.S. Legislative Black Caucus Foundation; consultant to various politicians including Senator, Congressman & Lieutenant Governor of California, the honorable Dr. Mervyn M. Dymally


Sports: Former award winning athlete, IDEA Certified Health Instructor, former career manager of X Games / ESPN champion athletes


Health / Wellness: Author / Writer on relationships and role reversal with Amazon accolades in various categories including Marriage, Relationship Advice, Health & Wellness & Dating; Maxwell has also written articles for various major nationally distributed editorial houses.


Entertainment: Former director and consultant supervising Artistic Development for Sony Music, Epic and Capitol Records; Executive Producer with Time Life Inc.


Social Commentator: On screen credits for Fox news, Dr. Drew and Ricki Lake as expert on social issues, style, travel and relationship concerns


Public Speaker: Honorary speaker and key note speaker to various organizations that include MTV, Facebook, USC, Phi Beta Sigma chapters as well as expert to government factions and non-profit organizations globally.


Additionally Maxwell has traveled extensively, having lived on six continents, he is bi-lingual and is widely considered an expert on culture and travel. Currently Maxwell is the host of his nationally broadcasted radio show, “Maxwell Speaks”, a radio format taking on hot topic socio-concerns of modern day.


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Traveling Eye
Bonnie DeShong &
Ja’Vonne Harley

Traveling Eye<br/>Bonnie DeShong &<br/>Ja’Vonne Harley


Friday 11am – Noon


The Traveling Eye with Bonnie DeShong and Ja’Vonne Harley is a one hour radio show that’s all about travel. The show features travel news, the how to’s of travel, Ja’Vonne’s travel minute, Bonnie’s Eye On and featured travel topics and destinations.


Ja’Vonne Harley, Co-Host of The Traveling Eye is also President and founder of Advantage International, LLC, an event/destination travel company.   She is an experienced traveler and travel specialist with over 25 years of industry experience. She travels at least one third of the year, designing and escorting trips around the world. Through study and first hand experience Ja’Vonne has become a specialist with various destinations around the world.


Ja’Vonne has worked 13 years with airline consolidators and travel agencies in the areas of product development & training.  In 1998 Ja’Vonne established Advantage International, LLC, an event/destination travel company focusing on event, promotional, special interest, group and international travel.  Advantage International, LLC has shown a consistent growth, even during trying times in the world market and travel industry.  Their client list consists of major radio stations, associations and organizations.

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