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Impresario Radio<br/>Chef Clifford Rome


Impresario Radio

Wednesday 9pm – 10pm


Impresario Radio – This culinary chic show introduces audiences to global dining and eclectic cultural experiences. The mission of the show? Simply to entice, education and inspire listeners to tune-in each week as a Chef Rome and his co-hosts reveal mouthwatering recipes and discuss the art of dining well with other food service professionals.


Chef Rome, Host and Executive Producer, has more than 20 years of food service experience. Chef Rome’s vision for Impresario Radio is a savvy radio program which serves as a vehicle for keeping his finger on the pulse of current and stylish dining trends.


Co-host Maisha Wynn, The Downtown Diva, is a media visionary and lifestyle specialist. Each week, Wynn provides a dose of opulence with her segment: ‘What’s sizzling in the world of lifestyle and luxury.”


Ashley Aviyah, rounds out the hosting trio of Impresario Radio, and is Impresario Radio  social media butterfly. Just in case you missed a key ingredient, don’t worry, Aviyah is on the case with real-time studio updates.


Creative Producer, RaShanah Baldwin a.k.a.  Shanah B., is responsible for artistic direction and viable content on Impresario Radio. For details on upcoming shows or to be a guest, contact shanahb@wvon.com.