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The GreenPreneur Radio Show<br/>Michael T. Thomas

Saturday 5pm – 6pm

Michael T. Thomas has distinguished himself as the “GREENEST” talk show host who brings a wealth of knowledge on local, and global “Green” initiatives to WVON’s vast listening audience. A native Chicagoan and Community Organizer, Michael has been very active in Chicago’s Environmental Movement and is a blog contributor to www.mygreenmag.org. He has traveled extensively to Asia and South American countries in an effort to track the current and most promising trends in clean and alternative energy.

Thomas continues to challenge the need for American’s to be more eco-conscious to all this emerging markets has to offer to people regardless of race, gender, class or beliefs.

The Native Chicagoan’s charismatic charm brought him to WVON after a one time meeting with the station’s management. He attended Chicago State University majoring in International Business with a goal to encourage the pulse of our great nation to create value while saving OUR environment, encouraging clean air and water for all of humanity.

Thomas specializes educating business; governments; entrepreneurs; and consumers in making the grand energy transition for the 21st century. He is a sought after motivational speaker for children; and is heavily involved in clean city renewal projects though out the world.

  • Sustainable “Smart Green” Housing: To increase affordable low income housing ownership within urban communities
  • “GREEN” Job Creation: To increase the awareness of economic self-sufficiency
  • Clean Technology Catalyst: To reduce the economic impact of rising energy cost
  • Sustainable Agriculture: To create a viable means to satisfy human nutrient needs via water conservation and highest and best use of land resources

We believe that, through community awareness, we can create a Sustainable World for each other and for the future.

Together we can make a Difference!

The GreenPreneur Radio Show