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Maxwell Billieon


Tuesday, 11am and Friday at 10am on The Perri Small Show

Maxwell’s achievements are extremely diverse; his credentials extend across a wide array of professional and personal arenas that include:


Politics: Orator for the U.S. Legislative Black Caucus Foundation; consultant to various politicians including Senator, Congressman & Lieutenant Governor of California, the honorable Dr. Mervyn M. Dymally


Sports: Former award winning athlete, IDEA Certified Health Instructor, former career manager of X Games / ESPN champion athletes


Health / Wellness: Author / Writer on relationships and role reversal with Amazon accolades in various categories including Marriage, Relationship Advice, Health & Wellness & Dating; Maxwell has also written articles for various major nationally distributed editorial houses.


Entertainment: Former director and consultant supervising Artistic Development for Sony Music, Epic and Capitol Records; Executive Producer with Time Life Inc.


Social Commentator: On screen credits for Fox news, Dr. Drew and Ricki Lake as expert on social issues, style, travel and relationship concerns


Public Speaker: Honorary speaker and key note speaker to various organizations that include MTV, Facebook, USC, Phi Beta Sigma chapters as well as expert to government factions and non-profit organizations globally.


Additionally Maxwell has traveled extensively, having lived on six continents, he is bi-lingual and is widely considered an expert on culture and travel. Currently Maxwell is the host of his nationally broadcasted radio show, “Maxwell Speaks”, a radio format taking on hot topic socio-concerns of modern day.