Let’s Get to Work with Theresa Dear

Saturday 8am-9:00am

Theresa Dear is a business and social entrepreneur, activist, author and minister. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HR4NON-PROFITS, a national human resources consulting firm. She is also the founder and visionary of the Incubator Project, the philanthropic arm of HR4NON-PROFITS, which provides pro bono services to nonprofits.

Theresa is a recognized pioneer and champion for employee-based innovations. While Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources at SPSS Inc. (an IBM company), she received national recognition by Working Woman’s Magazine for positioning the business as one of the best “100 Companies to Work for in America.”

Theresa is the author of “Inadequate, Unprepared But Ready (God-Centered Leadership Lessons)” and “Inconceivable Seasons (Lessons of Faith and Favor for Women).” Theresa credits her dedication to civil rights to the influential leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Her advocacy was ignited and shaped by her work on Harold Washington’s congressional campaign.

Theresa speaks around the country in churches, corporations and conferences on Civil Rights Challenges in the Workplace, Leadership Best Practices, Transformational Leadership and Cultural Competencies. She also speaks on topics related to women in leadership, diversity and inclusion and the changing civil rights landscape of the country.

As creator and radio host of “Let’s Get to Work” on WVON 1690AM on Saturday mornings, she equips, enables and encourages people to secure, retain and advance in employment and entrepreneurship.

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