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WVON’ternship Program

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WVON offers a variety of internship opportunities designed to provide students and recent graduates with knowledge and practical experience in the field of radio broadcasting. In addition to working in assigned departments, interns are exposed to various aspects of radio broadcasting through educational events such as departmental meetings, station tours, and opportunities to sit in on live broadcasts.  Internships are offered throughout the year to align with typical academic calendars. Internships range between 15 and 35 hours per week, depending on individual intern and departmental need.  WVON accepts matriculating students as well as individuals who have graduated within a two-year time period.  The timeline is as follows:


Spring Session: January – April
Application deadline: January 15th


Summer Session: May – August
Application deadline: March 15th


Fall Session: September – December
Application Deadline: July 15th


Prospective interns are required to complete an online application, submit a cover letter, detailing interest in WVON and professional broadcasting goals; resume; and a short demo reel along with two broadcasting writing samples.

Accepted interns will be required to complete WVON documentation, in addition to any documents required to receive school credit hours. WVON interns are required to have a basic knowledge of current events on local and national levels, and maintain a weekly log outlining their experience and lessons learned throughout their internship.  Copies of the weekly log are expected to be given to the end of their internship term.


WVON’ternship positions are available in the following departments:






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